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Welcome Chef Manuel

Manuel began his culinary career in Sydney NSW, igniting his career in Asian infused cuisine, close to his heart being born in the Philippines & moving to Australia as a small child he still incorporates flavour, colour & Asian flair into many of his dishes.

Manuel has experimented with Modern Australian, French, Eurasian and Mediterranean menus before entering the fine dining platform and haute cuisine in 2014.

Two years later Manuel took on his first business operation at The Beachcomber Hotel a multifaceted venue with 60 accommodation rooms, trading two restaurant operations, catering for functions and in house guests.

In 2020 Manuel accepted his next contract in Queensland at Brothers Leagues Club where he and his team served up to 250 covers per seating.

Manuel has been runner up Restaurant & Catering Awards in 2017, 2021 & 2022 for best new restaurant in a hotel, best restaurant in a club & nominated for chef of the year. More recently in 2023 commencing the Ollie's contract at East's Leisure & Golf Club we are excited to have him on board for the foreseeable future!

Manuel is a true leader who sets a remarkable example. He rejects the outdated stereotype that Chefs are often portrayed as irritable, unapproachable and grumpy micro managers in the hospitality world of today. He demonstrates this by consistently encouraging his team and adopting a positive approach to his work and those who want to be apart of his operation.

Drop in and say hi to Manuel where he'll plate up a warm welcome for you!

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