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Meet Jess! Our Newest Star at OLLIES and Employee of the Month!

We're thrilled to introduce our community to Jess, our most recent full-time recruit and the shining star who's bagged the coveted Employee of the Month title! Jess embarked on her journey with us at the launch of Ollie's in August 2023, and she hit the ground running.

Swiftly honing her expertise and showcasing an unmatched determination, she has been giving 110% right from day one. Her passion for hospitality and exceptional service isn't just a part of her professional demeanour; it's deeply ingrained in her character. Jess embodies the spirit of what Ollie's stands for - warmth, commitment, and unparalleled service. As she steers her career forward, she's diving deep into training for a supervisory role and expanding her proficiency in areas such as functions, operations, and other vital sectors that are still under wraps (but we promise they're exciting!).

It isn't just her professional attributes that make Jess stand out. She's a breath of fresh air in our workspace. Always donning a smile, she brings a fresh approach to everything she does. Jess ensures that every individual who walks through our doors, whether it's a customer, or colleague or management is greeted with a warm and friendly welcome.

It is not just us singing her praises! Joan Palmer, East's Leisure & Golf club patron and lifetime member, couldn't help but gush about Jess's commendable performance. Under the guidance of her supervisor Lee, Jess has truly been making waves. Joan recently remarked, "It's been such a joy to see Jess grow and excel. She's a true asset to Ollie's!"

We're incredibly proud to have Jess on our team and look forward to seeing all the phenomenal things she will accomplish in the future. Cheers to Jess and her unwavering dedication! 🌟

Thank you to our patrons and the larger Ollie's family for constantly supporting and recognizing the efforts of our team members. Here's to many more success stories in the future!

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